Six Reasons why you should upgrade to a Tankless Hot Water Heater

There are indeed lots of reasons to get excited about installing a new tankless water heater for your home and here are just a few of them:

  1. They Save You Money – A tankless water heater does not use energy throughout the course of a day when no hot water is being called for. Traditional tank style water heaters rely on a reservoir tank and this tank is heated periodically so that when you do need hot water, it can supply. However, what if you are not home all day? Tankless water heaters heat water only when it is needed so no extra energy is being used and wasted when you don’t need hot water.
  2. They Provide Nearly Limitless Hot Water – Since the water that passes through a tankless unit is heated on demand and fed from your water main, you can rely on nearly unlimited hot water. Tank style heaters can only supply you with enough hot water as fits inside the tank but advanced tankless water heaters can supply you with enough hot water to last for several consecutive lengthy showers, for example.
  3. They Will Not Burst – Although rare, it can happen with ordinary tank water heaters. Since there is no tank incorporated into a tankless water heating system, there is no danger of one bursting and spewing water all over your floors.
  4. They Are Space Efficient – Tankless water heaters are by and large much smaller than traditional units which makes them ideal for smaller homes where storage and free space are at a premium. This can, but does not always mean, that installation is usually easier and less expensive.
  5. Quicker Access to Hot Water – Because of their small form factor, tankless units can often be installed in a closet or pantry closer to the actual faucets. Unlike traditional water heaters which are generally installed in the basement next to the furnace, meaning you have to wait for the water to cycle from through the pipes for several seconds until it reaches the faucet or shower.
  6. You Can Qualify For Government Rebates – While this scenario can depend on many things you may be eligible for a government rebate of between $300-$500 if you opt to install a qualified tankless water heater in your home.