10112 – EM-4.0 Gallon Mini Electric Hot Water Tank – Point of use


The Eccotemp Mini Tank 4.0 water heater is a larger form of the EM-2.5 Point-of-Use mini tank water heater with a holding capacity of 4.0 gallons that is designed to supply instant hot water on demand to any faucet without long hot water pipe runs or to supply a stand alone sink or faucet instantaneous hot water without wait. It can be used in most under the counter, point of use applications. The EM-4.0 is designed to supply hot water for all hand wash and kitchen sinks in a residential, commercial or industrial environment.

The EM-4.0 can replace traditional central hot water heaters thereby conserving water and reducing energy waste. The EM-4.0 can also be plumbed into the central water heater and act as a booster. It is lightweight and compact and manufactured for easy installation. It can be mounted on the wall with included hardware, or freestanding and is designed to operate at 150 psi maximum water pressure. Install a pressure reducing valve if your water pressure is greater than 150 psi.

Some additional Features

Tank Volume: 4.0 gallons
Heating Capacity 1440 Watts
Point-of-use, ideal for under the sink providing instantaneous hot water
Easy installation with 120V outlet plug
Wall and floor mountable
Limited warranty: 2 year parts, 5 year leaks
Hot and cold water feed
No need for costly re-circulating lines and pumps
Small and compact
Quick recovery time
Adjustable temperature range 50F to 140F
Voltage 110/120
Runs off 12 AMPS
Single Phase
Max Operating Pressure of 150 psi
standard 1/2″ NPT Connections
T&P valve included
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