Eccotemp HES 20W Solar Module for 12V systems (CE)


HES PV offers solar panels with unique features for specific markets. All HES PV panels use high quality solar cells and have strong anodized aluminum frames.

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HES-20-40PV solar modules provide reliable battery charging in all Canadian climates. Their rugged design makes them a popular choice for industrial systems, remote homes and RV battery charging systems. These panels are supported by a 10 year mechanical warranty and 25 year power output warranty.

HES PV solar modules, with high efficiency crystalline solar cells, offer high charge current at a voltage suitable for both summer and winter temperatures. The cells are bonded to a special tempered solar glass for watertight integrity and a deep anodized aluminum frame makes them strong and rugged for all Canadian environments.

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Dimensions 17.7 × 14 × 0.9 in


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